Our Mariner® Line of Products

Our Mariner line of products has been a staple of the cordage market for over 40 years. View our Mariner products online to see how we can serve your cordage needs! Specifications for our various products can be reviewed on the charts below. Please feel free to Contact Us at any time with any questions, or if you need a custom item.

Mariner nylon seine twine sets the standard for quality and value. Made to exact specifications to fill the required needs of today’s industry. Each tube is fully twisted and carries the proper amount of footage for its weight. Mariner nylon seine twine is a far superior grade of twine of even diameter and strength. Being made of 100% nylon fiber provides excellent resistance to abrasion, oil, gasoline, and most chemicals.

Mariner dyed twines undergo unique special processes to provide maximum shade consistency, color-fastness, and fade-resistance. Mariner twines are time-control dyed under heat and pressure – not “dipped” into colored water which causes inconsistent shade color and bleeding onto other surfaces such as clothing or boat interiors.

We can color match any sample for dying. Contact Us for more details on custom dying. Or call Toll-free: 1(800)743-7475 Local: (901)476-4621 You can also email us at  sales@wallacecordage.com.

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