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Wallace Cordage Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality cordage throughout the United States and abroad. Our wide selection of Twisted and Braided Twine, Ropes and Cordage Products and Accessories, makes us your one-stop source for all of your cordage needs.

Our Mariner Brand products has been a staple of the cordage market for over 30 years. View our products online to see how we can best serve your cordage needs! Learn about Wallace Cordage Company!

You Can Purchase Our Cordage Products On-line and at our retail store at Wallace Cordage Company, 428 E Pleasant Ave, Covington, TN 38019. Questions call us at (901) 476-4621.

Our Most Popular Cordage Products!

Wallace Cordage Company Mason Line

Mason Line

Wallace Cordage Company Trot-line


Wallace Cordage Company All purpose twine

All Purpose Twine

Wallace Cordage Forever Black Tarred Twine

Tarred Twine

Wallace Cordage Co Ropes


Wallace Cordage Co - Rosary and Craft Twine

Rosary and Craft Twine

We Do Business On-Line

Visit our on-line retail store, here on our Website, where you will find our stock items along with the pricing and a more detailed listing of products, pictures and other information.

Check the “Sale” and “New” sections for special offers and new products.

We Do Business On-Site!

We manufacture some of our products in house. We offer those for sale to the general public through our retail store. Our Cordage products can also be purchased at our supply chains, store owners, and multiple store owners. If there is a product that we do not have, we provide custom products and services. For more information call  Toll-Free: 1(800) 743-7475 or Local: (901) 476-4621. Join us on a short tour of our retail store and our manufacturing facility.


Cordage Product Usage:

  • Braided Twines and Twisted Twines are ideal for fishing applications, such as Trot Lines, Bank Lines, Net Repair, and General Purpose Uses.
  • Floatlines for fishnet building
  • Duck Decoy Line, Masonry Lines and Twine for Chalk Lines for the construction industry.
  • Craft Cord for the hobbyist
  • Twines in a variety of colors for Rosary Making.
  • Tarred Twines and Bonded Twines for net hanging and net repair.

We have almost any Twine or Rope that you might need. If there is a product that we do not have, we provide custom products and service. For more information call Toll-free: 1(800)743-7475 Local: (901)476-4621, Contact Us or email at sales@wallacecordage.com

“Our Mission Statement”

Provide a Quality Product, Competitive Pricing, Unequaled Customer Service and Satisfaction.